Biomass, waste and residue handling and processing equipment including feeders, hoppers and heat exchangers for renewable energy and waste to energy projects.

Biomass and Waste Handling and Processing Equipment

Waste-to-energy projects are particularly challenging for solid handling and processing systems. The variability of fuel and residue materials, the need to isolate processes and the need to deal with high temperatures and pressures mean that attention to detail and robust construction is vital. Ajax Equipment has worked on many biomass and waste-to-energy projects.

Materials handled include:

Handling and processing applications include:

AJAX have also supplied pilot plant equipment to a range of commercial and academic research institutions including a number of Universities in the UK and overseas. This equipment has included much of the above, usually on a smaller scale and with designs appropriate to development and demonstration projects.

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For more information on AJAX's waste and biomass handling and processing capabilities please call 44 (0)1204 386723.

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