Powder handling equipment including feeders, conveyors, mixers, hoppers and heat exchangers for the Nuclear Power and Nuclear Residue Processing Industries.

Solids Handling and Processing for Nuclear Power Generation

Ajax Equipment has many years experience supplying solids handling systems for processing nuclear waste. Robust construction, high reliability, attention to detail and easy to operate characterise these Ajax systems. Our standard product range for nuclear includes screw feeders, screw conveyors, screw elevators, lump breakers and drum emptying machine.

Ajax is able to provide bespoke products and complete systems comprising multiple products configured to optimise process performance for nuclear projects.

British Nuclear Fuels plc has used Ajax equipment for processing and conveying residue materials. Three seven metre screw conveyors with a quadrant paddle screw were positioned in a tiered arrangement. An acidic solution is pumped in a contra flow to the direction of the screw. The conveyors are tiered such that as the material reaches the end of one conveyor it is lifted into a chute, using a novel box scoop, and transferred to the next conveyor and ultimately transferred to a dissolving vessel.

Ajax Equipment developed a keg discharge station to assist in the disposal of hazardous waste at the UKAEA's Harwell site in Oxfordshire. The discharge station was used to empty over 900 205L/400kg (45/50 gallon) drums of waste for pre-treatment prior to landfill. The keg discharge station was used to safely empty the contents of each drum onto a conveyor for transfer to a sand and cement stabilising unit where the waste was chemically stabilised and discharged into the original drums and plastics IBCs prior to being disposed of at an appropriately licensed landfill site.

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