AJAX Equipment UK, manufacturers of screw augers, helical screw flights and screw flight segments for new, refurbished or replacement equipment.

AJAX Screw Auger and Flights Design and Manufacturing Service.

Coated Screw Auger Screw Auger for Ice AJAX Equipment produce screw augers and flights only for new applications as well as damaged or worn out equipment. Supply information regarding the product being handled and AJAX may even be able to suggest an improved design for screws and flights.

AJAX can produce augers and screw flights with outside diameters ranging from 20 to approximately 700mm diameter (depending on thickness), Materials of construction include all grades of stainless steel and carbon steel, corrosion resistant alloys such as Hastelloy, wear resistant steel such as Hardox and specialised alloys such as Duplex. AJAX can also advise on screw and flight design for new applications or for improvements to existing applications.

Flights are usually supplied in 360° segments. AJAX carry a limited size range and stock of continuous flights in outside diameters up to 200mm and lengths of up to 2000mm. Please call AJAX to check availability.

To get a quotation for flights only contact us by phone or email with the following information:

To get a quotation for a complete screw contact us with the above information, plus the following:

Some Notes on Screw and Flight Design

The design of an effective screw for transporting or feeding bulk solids depends on a number of factors:

Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have an enquiry for flights or for a screw auger.

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