AJAX supply a wide range of equipment for producers and users of atomised and powdered metals including metal powder hoppers, feeders and screw conveyors

Handling for the Powdered Metal Industry

Ajax Equipment has supplied a range of solids handling equipment including hoppers, feeders and conveyors to leading metal processors around the world.

Examples of Ajax’s projects include:

Atomising Systems Limited

ATEX Rated Handling Equipment

Ajax has worked with Atomising Systems, an atomising technology and atomised metal powder provider, many times with the latest equipment supplied an ATEX rated feed hopper and mass flow screw feeder to expand production capacity.

The metal powder handling system was based on a proven design previously supplied to Atomising Systems with increased robustness to allow for the modest pressure rating required. Ajax ensured mass flow by using a specially designed screw feeder below the suitably stiffened two stage plane flow hopper to provide a consistent feed.

Liberty Powder Metals

Portable Powder Storage

In one of Ajax’s largest hopper orders, Liberty Powder Metals were supplied with fifteen storage hoppers, five blending hoppers and three mass flow screw feeders for metal powder handling.

The geometry of the fifteen stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) was designed for efficient discharge and repose fill of powder, while the five larger blending hoppers’ steep double cone shape allows the blending of metal powders. The design of both the hoppers includes supports enabling handling with a forklift, efficient storage and straightforward loading onto the screw feeders.

Projex Solutions Limited

Nickel Powder Handling

Ajax Equipment has supplied Projex Solutions Limited, a project engineering, design and consultancy service provider, with a handling system comprising a metal powder collecting hopper and screw conveyor for transferring Nickel and Nickel Oxide powder from a kiln gas cyclone.

The mild steel hopper is vee shaped and steep walled for best flow behaviour, while the collecting screw features both left and right-hand flights for efficient central discharge. As Nickel powder is a fine, highly dense powder making it highly abrasive, the flights of the screw were treated with a hard wearing coating to mitigate the resulting wear.

For more information on AJAX’s powdered metal handling equipment please see the links below:

Hoppers and Feeders for Liberty Metals
ATEX rated Feeder for Atomising Systems

Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a solids handling or processing application to discuss.

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