ATEX and Pressure rated Screw feeder and feed hopper for Atomising Systems to handle atomised metal powders.

ATEX rated Feed Hopper & Screw Feeder for Atomising Systems Limited

Screw Feeder for Metal Powders
Ajax Equipment has supplied atomising technology and atomised metal powder provider, Atomising Systems Limited, with an ATEX rated feed hopper and mass flow screw feeder for metal powder handling. The stainless steel equipment will expand Atomising Systems’ production capacity at its Sheffield, UK production facility.

The powder handling system is based on a proven design previously supplied to Atomising Systems with increased robustness to allow for the modest pressure rating required. In this case Ajax ensured mass flow by using a specially designed screw feeder below the suitably stiffened two stage plane flow hopper to provide a consistent feed.

Commenting, Craig Winfield, Project Manager at Atomising Systems Limited, said, “We’ve used Ajax on several occasions for screw feeders and mass flow hoppers and so when this new requirement came up, we were happy to work with Ajax again and have not been disappointed."

“Ajax has worked with Atomising Systems successfully on many projects, so we were happy to provide a new system hopper and feeder design, updated to meet their new capacity requirements and modest pressure needs,” said Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment. “Ajax’s screw feeders are used across a wide range of industries around the world to ensure reliable powder handling from a few grams per minute to hundreds of tonnes per hour.”

See Metal Powder Handling For an overview of Ajax's metal powder handling capabilities.

For more information on Ajax’s Screw Feeders, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Screw Feeder Page page.

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