A short history and introduction to AJAX equipment, a UK based company with 50 years experience of design and manufacturing solids handling and processing equipment.

AJAX Equipment, an introduction.

Ajax was formed in 1970 to specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment to handle and process bulk solids. Our factory extends over 30,000 square feet/3000 sq. m and incorporates extensive fabrication facilities for mild and stainless steel, aluminium and hi nickel alloys. The design office uses 2D and 3D technology to enhance the design process and the technical services we provide include powder flow property testing and practical feed and processing trials. We use our understanding of flow behaviour allied with an innovative approach to generate equipment designs which are well considered for the individual application.

The work that is undertaken by Ajax is distinguished by specifying designs that best meet the client’s requirements and is often bespoke rather than standard 'off the shelf' forms of equipment.

Our works is about a mile from the town centre and 12 miles North West of Manchester. Bolton itself has become strategically placed within the motorway network, having access to the M60, M61 and M62 within several miles thus offering quick and easy access from all parts of the North of England and, via the M6 and M1, the rest of the country.

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