Lump breakers and Pre Breakers to break down lumps and aggregates in bulk solids and powders. High speed and low speed for gentle or severe crushing of lumps.

AJAX Lump Breakers

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Size reduction is a common feature of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy, mineral and other industries; from waste char handling to preparing raw sugar for processing through to meeting stringent quality needs for active pharmaceutical ingredients. Ajax lump breakers are ideal for reducing lumps, caked and bag set materials to a suitable consistent size for ease of processing and handling.

Multiple mechanisms are used by the Ajax lump breaker to reduce the lump size. The shafts and blades impose a three-stage action on the lumps, wedging and crushing against the casing and grille by means of the orientation of the blades and the shafts. Final size limitation is imposed as lumps are combed or forced through the grille by means of the blade edge.

The actual size of particles exiting the lump breaker is determined in part by the clearance between rotor and grille but is also very much dependent on the characteristics of the material lumps such as brittleness in the case of crystalline material and consolidation strength in the case of agglomerations also, highly anisotropic materials will have a tendency to form shards. Machine speed also influences both the average particle size and the particle size distribution of material exiting the lump breaker.

Features of AJAX lump breakers include:

The list of materials with which our lump breakers have been used is quite diverse. The following are some examples of materials and products that are currently processed with our breakers:

Whilst not always possible, it is advisable to undertake pilot machine trials to determine the best design and configuration of rotor blades and grille for each specific application. AJAX have a range of Lump Breakers for pilot machine trials at our Bolton manufacturing plant or for on-site trials.

For more information and some case studies pertaining to AJAX Lump Breakers please follow the links below.

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Lump Breaker Video
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AJAX Lump Breaker brochure (pdf)

Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a Lump Breaker application or want to know more about our Lump Breakers.

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