Portable Lump Breaker with integrated control panel and operator safety system for UK food packaging company Alexir.

AJAX Lump Breaker for Alexir Partnership

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading food sector packaging specialist, the Alexir Partnership, with a portable, Model 300 lump breaker including a feed hopper, outlet chute and control panel, mounted on a mobile frame.

"Ajax have been an excellent company to work with, they listened to our requirements, allowed us to visit site and test various existing machines and then built us a bespoke machine exactly to our requirements that performs the required tasks perfectly. It was a please to work with Eddie and the rest of the Ajax team who were profession from start to finish and delivered and quality piece of equipment on a fairly tight deadline." commented Mark Avery, purchasing director, Alexir Partnership..

Ajax lump breakers are an efficient means of size reduction for lumps, caked and bag set materials to a consistent size for ease of processing and handling. Operators will empty a box into the hopper, close the lid and run the breaker with a receiving container in position underneath .

For more information on AJAX's lump breakers please visit our Lump Breaker Page or call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723.

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