AJAX quality management systems awarded ISO 9001 status further denonstrating our ability to consistently provide products that meet customer expectations.

Ajax’s quality management recognised with ISO 9001 certification

Solids handling equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment, has received ISO 9001:2015 certification after a recent review of its quality management system. Assessed by QMS, one of the UK’s leading ISO certification bodies, Ajax Equipment’s quality management system was judged to have successfully incorporated all the latest requirements.

The ISO 9001 standard demonstrates an ability to consistently provide equipment and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, as well as, continuously improve an organisation’s ability to satisfy their customer’s needs.

“Everyone at Ajax is delighted to have received ISO 9001 certification. The award re-affirms Ajax hard won reputation of providing the very best in solids handling equipment through our methodical approach to testing, design and manufacture with our absolute focus on customer satisfaction. Thank you to all of the Ajax team for their invaluable contribution,” said Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment.

For more information on Ajax’s solids handling equipment, call +44 (0)1204 386723, email sales@ajax.co.uk.

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