AJAX High Containment Sack Tip Stations Allow Remote Emptying of Sacks Avoiding Dust Clouds and Product Wastage.

AJAX High Containment Sack Tip Stations

The AJAX Sack Tip station features an enclosed chamber in which sacks may be emptied remotely avoiding generation of dust clouds and wastage of product. The bag is placed in the chamber and the lid closed, the bag is slit using a sliding knife arrangement, material is coerced out of the bag using two pivoting trays. An interlock prevents the lid from opening when the knife is exposed which ensures the operator remains isolated from the blade. The interlock is entirely mechanical and does not require an electrical supply. The sack tip chamber can be supplied with a connection for dust extraction.

AJAX sack tip stations provide a high degree of containment but do not completely isolate the operator from the product. Appropriate additional safety measures must be employed in accordance with material safety data sheets. See also Sack Tip Station and Lump Breaker for a case study of combined sack tipping and size reduction.

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