AJAX Combined Sack Tip Station and Lump breaker for dealing with congealed or set materials from a sack.

Ajax Lump Breaker with Sack Tip Station for Speciality Chemicals Producer.

Solids handling equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied a leading speciality chemicals producer and sustainable technologies developer, with a combined lump breaker and sack tip booth with automatic tipping. The stainless-steel lump breaker’s rotor profile was developed based on the Ajax machine successfully used for trials onsite.

Ajax’s sack tip station allows sacks to be emptied in a safe, contained way; avoiding the generation of clouds of powder, a potential hazard as well as wasting material. The station’s door provides excellent containment and includes a Perspex viewing window enabling the process to be observed.

"Ajax’s lump breakers are ideal for reducing lumps, caked and bag set materials to a suitable and consistent size for ease of processing and handling material across a range of applications; from producing chemicals and meeting the high quality standards for active pharmaceutical ingredients to preparing raw sugar for processing or food production, Ajax has a suitable solution," said Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment.

Simon Fields, technical sales engineer commented "Materials that were on-spec on leaving a production facility, after many miles of haulage and perhaps many hours of storage, sometimes at the bottom of a stack, can’t always be relied on to remain in a loose condition at the time of use. The combination of a sack tip station and a lump breaker can be a very useful tool to mitigate the problems caused by sacks full of lumps especially where powders are entering a dissolving vessel or similar process".

For more information on Ajax’s equipment call +44(0)1204 386723, email: sales@ajax.co.uk.
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