Continuous and batch mode heat exchanger equipment for heating, cooling and processing bulk solids. Direct heating and shell on pipe type heat transfer available.

AJAX Heat Transfer Equipment

The AJAX range of screw based continuous heat transfer equipment includes machines to heat or cool single materials or combined functions such as heating or cooling whilst mixing or conditioning materials. Our equipment incorporates many special features that optimise the efficiency of heat transfer to counteract the significant insulating properties of powders and bulk solids. These features include discontinous flights to aid mixing and jacket casing baffles to promote turbulent flow of the cooling or heating medium. Machines are sized based on rigorous calculations supported by operating data from previous installations and where necessary pilot plant trials can be undertaken. A range of cooling or heating medium can be accommodated including water, steam, oil and hot or cold gases.

AJAX also produce jacketed hoppers with agitation for batch heating or cooling and jacketed conveyors, mixers and feeders for maintaining temperature (or state) or dissipating heat where hot surfaces or high temperatures may be a problem.

For freezing or flash chilling of bulk solids see Cryogenic Coolers

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