Cryogenic Coolers employ liquid gasses as a fast cooling medium for applications where rapid cooling or flash freezing of particulate products.

Cryogenic Coolers, When Fast Cooling is Required

Cryogenic coolers use liquefied gases, known as cryogenic fluids, to rapidly cool materials by way of heat absorption as evaporation takes place. The most common cryogenic fluid is liquid nitrogen, other gases in liquid form such as, helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are also used.

Ajax Cryogenic Coolers are screw based units designed for the continuous freezing or chilling of bulk products using liquid nitrogen refrigerant. Fast and efficient cooling is achieved by direct spraying of the liquid nitrogen over the product as it is mixed and transported. The material is normally in a diced, shredded, or naturally particulate form, as for example, shrimps or rice.

The units are made usually from Stainless Steel and are available in a range of sizes to suit process requirements. Particular care has been exercised with the internal and external finishes to ensure the units are crevice free and easily cleaned.

The internal form of the cooler is similar to a conventional U-trough conveyor but the auger is of special design appropriate to the material being processed. The trough is insulated within a stainless casing for safety and to maximise thermal efficiency.


The residence time of material in the cooler is controlled by the length, design and rotational speed of the screw. These variations allow a wide range of materials to be processed and for the output rate and material condition to be optimised.

To achieve optimum performance it is essential that the feed and its presentation to the screw are considered as an integral part of the process.


Food Preservation:
Cooling of seafood, Meat based products, Cheeses, Fast foods.
Flavour Retention: Spice chilling for retention of flavours during milling.
Embrittlement: To achieve or maintain the product in a brittle condition e.g. Rubber, Thermo-plastics and Resins.

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