Cement, Aggregates, Ceramics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Coatings, Pigments, Food Ingredients, Metals, Waste, Biomass, Nuclear, Agriculture, Polymers and anything else.

AJAX Cover every Solids Handling Industry

AJAX design and manufacture equipment for all industries that handle or process bulk solids. Some unusual examples include:

  • A Lump breaker for breaking down Cassava Root purchased on behalf of the World Food Organisation
  • A hopper and feeder for flea powder
  • A twin screw feeder for pork rind
  • A conveyor for Chicken Feet
  • A cork screw device for emptying drums of High Explosives

Whatever your industry, if you have an application that involves the handling or processing of bulk solids in any form, please contact AJAX to discuss your requirements.

Products Handled By AJAX

Cement, Aggregates, Ceramics, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Coatings, Pigments, Food Ingredients, Metal Powders, Waste, Biomass, Nuclear Residue, Agricultural Goods, Polymers and anything else particulate form.

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