Lump breaker with hood and loading table breaking up solidified powders from sacks and bags

Ajax Lump Breaker for Brenntag (UK) Blending Facility

Solids handling equipment company, Ajax Equipment has supplied Brenntag (UK), the UK market leader in bulk and packaged chemical distribution and part of the international Brenntag Group, with a lump breaker and loading table at its Newcastle-upon-Tyne blending facility

As part of an investment programme at the facility, Brenntag was looking for a way to reduce the size of raw materials prior to blending in a reactor. Positioned above the reactor, the Ajax lump breaker reduces the crystalline chemicals to a consistent powder size, as they are tipped into the reactor, enabling improved blending.

For ease of handling, the lump breaker also incorporates a loading table on which the operator loads the partly solidified, bags of chemicals, removes all packaging and then closes the loading table tray lid to energise the tipping tray and lump breaker for safe operation.

“Prior to using the lump breaker the crystalline material was broken up using mallets – as a temporary measure. The Ajax lump breaker and loading table is safer and more efficient, and has made a significant improvement to our handling and blending operations,” says Gareth Dobinson, capital logistics manager, Brenntag UK Ltd.

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