AJAX Supply Quad Screw Feeder to Waste to Energy Plant in Sussex Comprising Four 750mm diameter Screws with Bolted On Wear Plates.

Quadruple screw feeder for Enviropower

quad Screw Feeder Waist to Energy Feeder
Solids handling equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied Enviropower, a leading biomass waste to energy provider, with an eleven-meter-long quadruple screw feeder for biomass waste processing.

The mild steel feeder will transport shredded pre-sorted biomass waste as part of the process to generate green electricity via steam driven turbines. As waste can be irregularly shaped, Ajax included a number of features to mitigate the effects. The feeder includes generous clearance between each heavy-duty screw’s thick flights and the casing. While over the outlet section the feeder includes relief overload flap plates; this significantly reduces the potential for disruption should there be a blockage. In the event of maintenance, the feeder’s design allows individual screws to be removed while the remaining screws continue to operate.

Commenting, Marc Linberry, Operations Director at Enviropower, said, "We have worked with Ajax previously and were confident they could provide a solution that met our needs, and the new system works very well."

"The quadruple screw produced for Enviropower is one of the largest feeders manufactured by Ajax Equipment in its 50-year history," said Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment. “We have worked with the Enviropower before on a twin screw feeder, horizontal collecting conveyor and two screw feeders for another part of their biomass waste to energy facility."

For more information on Ajax’s screw feeders, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Screw Feeder page.

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