AJAX Supply Plug Feeders for Handling Ash From Biomass Plant.

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AJAX Plug Screw Feeders for Renewable Energy Project

Ajax Equipment Ltd has supplied 24 plug screw feeders to BioMass Engineering Ltd to handle ash removal from a gasification based renewable energy plant at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The plug screw feeders prevent oxygen entering the furnace as ash is removed from the process's gasifier and filter.

Owned by O-Gen UK Ltd, the 4.5 MWe reclaimed wood fuelled biomass gasification plant produces energy from wood chippings, forestry wood and energy crops, which will be exported to the National Grid. Maintaining an oxygen-free gasifier is essential. BioMass Engineering had tried using traditional screw feeders and airlock hoppers to remove and store the gasifier and filter ash, however, these allowed the ingress of oxygen.

The company contacted Ajax Equipment to assist in overcoming the problem. Ajax devised a plug screw feeder solution to remove the ash from the gasifier and filter. The screw densifies the ash as it leaves the screw to create an impenetrable barrier.

"Adopting a plug screw feeder allows us to run the process continuously, the ash being removed without oxygen entering the system. The way Ajax Equipment approached the problem, and worked with us to find the right solution, has allowed us to improve the overall process's reliability," Jim Campion, managing director, BioMass Engineering, commented.
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