Ribbon flight and paddle type twin shaft mixers with heated or cooled jackets and shafts for Use in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

AJAX Continuous Mixers Food Processing

Food materials processing equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment Ltd has developed a new range of continuous mixers for mixing wet and dry multiple ingredients. The mixers have been developed to meet the growing problem of combining friable constituents such as nuts, fruit, crispies and cereals with foams, fudges and viscous paste to produce a homogeneous and free flowing mixture. The mixers are ideally suited to cereal bar and confectionery production.

The Ajax twin shaft continuous mixers offer food manufacturers more versatility in the type and variety of recipes they are able to process. "The continuous mixer provides food manufacturers with an ideal alternative to batch mixing for processing sticky foods, for example, where high output and efficient homogenisation of delicate and soft ingredients are important. They also allow greater control of product quality where, if necessary, you can make recipe changes during production," says Mark Waters, director, Ajax Equipment Ltd.

Ajax Equipment proprietary Lynflow technology is a key feature of the twin shaft continuous mixers. Lynflow paddle and ribbon screw geometry allow efficient mixing with negligible damage to ingredients. The open form and geometry of the ribbon screw is designed to inhibit the build up of sticky ingredients and allows ease of cleaning. Alternatively the paddle screw geometry can be used to provide more intensive mixing.

To meet the strict hygiene standards for food manufacture, Ajax has designed the mixers with quick release screw shafts. This allows the screws to be quickly removed for cleaning and product changeover. There is also a clean-in-place option.

All the mixers are available with external jackets and hollow screw shafts for steam, water or other heat transfer medium. Available with throughputs up to 20m3/hr, the continuous mixers are stainless steel throughout with all contact surfaces dull polished to a crevice free, hygienic standard finish.

This range of AJAX twin shaft mixers is also applicable to pharmaceutical applications and other industries requiring a high degree of hygiene.

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Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a food or pharmaceutical mixing application or want to know more about our continuous mixers.

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