AJAX, The Centre for Process Innovation, P&G and the Universities of Birmingham, Durham, Leeds and Cranfield collaborate to advance UK manufacturing.

Ajax Screws drive Project Chariot forward

Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment, will produce powder handling equipment as part of a work package for the advanced manufacturing initiative ‘Project Chariot’. The £18m project is developing innovative processes for the production of super fine powders for the global supply chain.

As a partner in Project Chariot Ajax is collaborating with Proctor and Gamble, the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and the universities of Birmingham, Durham, Leeds and Cranfield to develop a novel particle system for fine particles based on the company's continuous screw mixing technology.

Ajax will supply the Centre for Process Innovation with several screw feeders and continuous mixers as well as a combined hopper, feeder and screw elevator. The equipment allows for great flexibility in terms of configuration, operation and potential for acquiring data giving researchers the opportunity to use the layout and acquire the data best suited to their study. Initially one of the continuous mixers, which can be converted to batch production when required, will be utilised first by the University of Leeds before becoming part of the powder processing laboratory hosted by CPI. All the mixers have easy clean features with adjustable flights, providing the ideal helix angle for the material under test. New feed in points for the ability to input liquor are also part of the research.

On completion of Project Chariot CPI will continue to host and operate the equipment supplied by Ajax for pilot plant scale research into mixing and coating of particulate materials and product development for a wide range of industries. Ajax Equipment director, Mark Waters, said 'Project Chariot has enabled Ajax to establish partnerships with leading organisations as well as the chance to enhance our knowledge of handling super fine powders. The learning from the research will deepen our knowledge, allowing us to better meet our customers' needs and provide opportunities for future sales'.

Project Chariot is a three year project is partly funded by the government's Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative which aims to help existing UK supply chains grow and achieve World Class standards, while encouraging and retaining quality manufacturing in the UK.

For more information on AJAX's continuous mixers please visit our Continuous Mixer page or call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723.

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