Continuous mixer with interchangeable ribbon and paddle based mixing elements for the production of leading brands of chocolate bars.

AJAX Paddle and Ribbon Continuous Mixers

The core section of a recently launched and highly successful chocolate covered bar is mixed by an Ajax Continuous Mixer. A principle feature of the Ajax mixing machines is their ability to produce a homogenous mixture of ingredients, including friable constituents such as crisp, with fudges and viscous pastes which require working to secure even dissipation. Innovative design features include the use of Lynflow Ribbon flights and paddles on the twin mixing shafts.

These perform a gentle whilst effective mixing operation with negligible damage to the constituents of the mix. The open form of the ribbon flights inhibits build up of sticky ingredients and allows thorough cleaning to be carried out with ease. Alternative auger forms e.g. paddle and crescent type offer more intensive mixing options. The augers can be provided in a quick release format to meet the strict hygiene standards demanded by the confectionery industry and enable rapid product changeovers to be made. The machines are made in a range of sizes for differing capacities and are available with plain or jacketed casings and for C.I.P.

Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a food industry mixing application or want to know more about our continuous mixers for food.

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