Kemira Chemicals 'Standardises' on Ajax Batch Mixers for use in the Manufacture of Inorganic Coagulants and Water Treatment Polymers

Kemira Chemicals 'Standardises' on Ajax Batch Mixers

Leading manufacturer of inorganic coagulants and water treatment polymers, Kemira Chemicals UK Ltd, has added two further vertical screw blenders from Ajax Equipment, to the four supplied by Ajax in 2008, for the manufacture of dry polyacrylamide at its Bradford production facility.

Kemira Water manufactures water treatment solutions for industrial and municipal water treatment plants. In 2008 Ajax Equipment successfully designed, manufactured and installed replacement mixing screws of a modified design for two vertical screw blenders at Kemira. As a result of the improved performance secured, it was asked to provide four, high capacity, vertical screw blenders as part of a plant upgrade.

The two new mixers have been similarly designed for maximum capacity within a small footprint and limited headroom, and a screw to provide a high re-circulation rate and mixing efficiency. They use central 'fountain'-type mixing augers featuring special taper design with increasing pitch and taper reducing centre cone. Lower sweep arms on the screws collect from the base of the blenders to provide rapid discharge.

“The four Ajax batch mixers have performed very well. When the two remaining 30 year old mixers caused some problems, we decided on a maintenance replacement of them both, standardising on the Ajax mixers,” said Steve Sanderson, manufacturing improvement engineer, Kemira Chemicals UK Ltd.

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