Ajax Supply 600mm Diameter Twin Paddle Fly Ash Conditioner to Grundon Waste Management

AJAX Twin Screw Continuous Mixers for Conditioning Fly Ash.

Solids handling and processing equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment have supplied Grundon Waste Management and Services with a large diameter twin screw conditioner to pre-treat unconditioned fly ash and lime waste materials ahead of landfill.

The twin screw conditioner will be used at Grundon's Bishops Cleeve site, the UK's largest air pollution control residues treatment facility in the UK. It takes fly ash and lime-containing residue and mixes it with water resulting in a mixture with a damp slurry like consistency which is then transferred to landfill where it then solidifies.

The 5 metre long, twin 600mm conditioner has twin shafted paddles and is fitted with stainless steel internal water spray bars. Given the abrasive nature of the mixed powder, the paddles are constructed in hard wearing carbon steel plate. The specially designed paddles are easily removed and replaced at the end of their serviceable life. The mixer is designed for one-man operation and includes quick release covers with a counterbalance arrangement to allow easy access to the screws for cleaning.

Commenting Steven Roscoe, technical director, Grundon Waste Management and Services, said:" Heightened demand for pre-treatment of air pollution control residues before landfill has meant we needed to upgrade our Bishops Cleeve facilities. Currently we are using a size 600 mm Ajax Equipment ash conditioner, our second Ajax conditioner, which has performed well for many years. The new 600mm mixer will double our capacity. Ajax's experience of our industry, and processing difficult powders, together with their competitive pricing and ability to meet a tight delivery deadline were important factors in our decision to select Ajax Equipment for this contract.

For more information on Ajax’s Ash Conditioners, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Ash Conditioners page.

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