Twin screw paddle conditioners for dampening, neutralising or stabilising fly ash and similar residual bulk solids

AJAX Twin Screw Continuous Mixers for Conditioning Powders.

AJAX conditioners produce a high quality mix combining fine dry powders like fly ash with water or other liquids because of the efficient multiple and progressive actions of intermeshing paddle screws. Homogeneity is quickly achieved and the effective work input means relatively low energy requirements. . Conditioning means that environmental concerns over dusty offloading can be countered and in some applications neutralising of two waste streams carried out simultaneously e.g. alkaline ash and acidic liquor can be effectively combined. Spray bars can be incorporated in the unit even along the full length or within pitched covers and these can be opened ended sparge pipes or fitted with spray nozzles. Product transfer is concurrent with the mixing process so segregation and quality issues associated with intermediate storage and separate, sequential operations can be avoided. Reduced handling and mix quality are built in. Easy cleaning of the machine internals is often provided with even large machines having easy to operate counterbalanced covers which provide full access for powder washing internals. A range of safety switch choices form proximity type through to captive key can be accommodated. AJAX conditioners have been proven to handle a wide range of dusts and positively combine solids with liquid that differ in flow properties, size and bulk density.

Features Include:


Temperature controlled augers and casings.
Quick release mixing elements for product change over and cleaning.

Many model sizes are available with a wide range of throughputs. A compact footprint and design flexibility makes for an easy fit into plant processes.


Process capabilities of up to 100TPH ash conditioning.
Ideal for environmental applications where dust emissions are to be controlled
Particle agglomeration and developing granulation.
Agile performance with a range of screw designs including AJAX LynFlowTM Ribbons and Paddles.
Thermal control of mix is possible using jacketed casings and/or piping heating media through screw shafts.
ATEX and PED compliant variants.
Counterbalanced covers for easy inspection and cleaning.
Wear resistant versions and replaceable paddles.
Complete mixing systems with integrated feeders.
Extensive range of test machines for hire and trials.

For more information on AJAX ash conditioners and AJAX continuous mixers follow the links below. or call AJAX on 44 (01204 386723.

Ash Conditioner for Lynemouth Power.
APCr Conditioner for Castle Environmental.
Ash Conditioner for Grundon Waste Management.
AJAX Continuous Mixers.

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