Agitated screw feeders for poor flowing materials including fine cohesive powders, filter cake and sticky substances. Food and pharmaceutical standard machines available.

Agitated Screw Feeders

Agitated screw Feeders have a hopper section above the inlet to the screw fitted with an agitator the blades of which rotate at right angles to the line of the screw such that material above the screw is both disturbed and directed downwards. Agitated screw feeders are used for materials that are inherently susceptible to arching such as filter cake or fine cohesive powders. Agitated screw feeders are also used where flow rates are low and thus screw diameters too small to present a sufficiently wide inlet slot for gravity flow into the screw

AJAX agitated screw feeders are individually designed to suit specific applications. The feeders can incorporate easy clean features such as clean in place and steam in place. The screw and agitator can be quick release or retractable for ease of cleaning between campaigns. Pressure rated agitated screw feeders can be produced and the Pressure Equipment Directive accommodated if required. AJAX agitated screw feeders can also operate with explosive and potentially explosive atmospheres internally or externally in full compliance with the appropriate ATEX category.

Stainless steel, high alloy steels and mild steel constructions are available. If required mechanical seals can be incorporated. The feeders can also be fitted with a pneumatically operated anti-flushing valve at the outlet to prevent overspill of powder. All AJAX agitated screw feeders have separate screw and agitator drives to ensure that agitator speed can be optimised independently of the screw speed.

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Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a potential application for an agitated screw feeder or if you would like more information about our feeders.

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