AJAX Supply Agitated Screw Feeder and Hopper for Bardyke Chemicals to Increase Production Capacity for Copper Based Powders.

Ajax Equipment Powder Handling System for Bardyke Chemicals Expansion

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied copper chemicals producer Bardyke Chemicals with an agitated screw feeder, screw feeder and hopper as part of a project to increase production capacity at its factory in Blantyre, Scotland. Bardyke Chemicals manufactures a range of copper-based powders including cuprous oxide and cuprous thiocyanate for applications from marine paints to pharmaceutical production.

Designed to hold and transfer a damp chemical powder the stainless steel, the vee-shaped hopper and screw feeder, featuring progressive flight geometry, provide a controlled feed of the product to the small agitated feeder below. Agitated screw feeders are well suited to ensuring damp cohesive materials are in the required condition for further processing and then positively transferring them.

"Bardyke Chemicals and Ajax have an established history of collaboration in the development of practical and reliable solutions to a variety of solids handling challenges faced onsite. The latest equipment provided is a culmination of these years of work, incorporating solids handling techniques and design solutions best suited to process our product. Once commissioned, the new feeder will provide a more consistent feed of product to our drying plant, resulting in improved drying throughput and product quality, both critical aspects of our process," said Ross Finlay, site engineer, Bardyke Chemicals Ltd.

For more information on AJAX's screw feeders please visit our Screw Feeder Page or call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723.

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