Twin Paddle AJAX Continuous Mixing Technology Adopted By Swedish Plastics Company Polykemi for Mixing Polymer Powders with Additives and Pigments

Polykemi AB selects Ajax Continuous Mixer for multi recipe plastics processing

Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading Swedish plastics company Polykemi AB with a stainless steel, twin screw continuous mixer that mixes plastic granulates with additives and pigments for a range of extrusion machines. The Ajax continuous mixer replaces a batch mixer which was inflexible in the quantities processed and time consuming to clean. The new mixer has significantly reduced the downtime needed for cleaning equipment between production runs.

The twin 'U' profile mixer features two screw augers with LynFlow paddle blades for effective mixing and handling of the granulates. Continuous mixing offers many advantages over traditional batch mixing. These benefits include greater control over the homogeneity and quality of the mixed granulate compound and the ability to process varying overall quantities and rates.

On why Polykemi decided to investigate continuous mixers Roland Persson, operations and maintenance manager said: "We were looking for ways to shorten our production downtime such as cleaning the equipment, especially with an increasing range of mix requirements". A period of running trials and testing determined that an Ajax continuous mixer could provide the solution. The twin mixer features an almost food quality high standard of finish and quick release couplings ensuring easy cleaning of the machine. The mixer also has Makrolon window style covers, allowing the mixing process to be monitored.

For more information on Ajax’s screw continuous mixers, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Continuous Mixer page.

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