AJAX Supply McCormick With an Easy Clean Screw Feeder to Handle Spice and Seasoning Powders

AJAX Multiple Screw Feeders for Spices and Seasonings

Manufacturing spices and seasonings involves demanding materials handling requirements. Machines must be easy to clean and flexible. Spice mixtures have variable flow properties and equipment must accommodate both free and poor flowing varieties.

When world leading spice manufacturer, McCormick Inc, was faced with the problem of how to increase production they contacted Ajax.

McCormick had used a single screw feeder receiving powder from a 'big bag', However, when the bag was empty production had to stop while a new bag was loaded. Ajax developed a system consisting of two single screw feeders, the ends of which meet above the hopper delivering spice mix to the packaging line. Each screw has it's own big bag station, as one bag empties the other screw feeder is automatically activated to feed spice mix from the other

For more information on Ajax’s screw feeders, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Screw Feeder page.

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