Ajax Supply Stainless Steel Lump Breaker on Mobile Frame. The lump breaker will be used to process waste in the form of set lime by Respiratory Care Specialist Intersurgical.

Ajax mobile lump breaker for Respiratory Care Product

Ajax Equipment has supplied leading respiratory medical device designer, manufacturer and supplier, Intersurgical, with a mobile lump breaker and feed hopper for the processing of set lime and phosphorous.

The stainless steel lump breaker features an integrated control panel and a high standard of safety features. The mobility of the equipment allows the operator to locate the equipment near to the source material. The unit also features sliding safety gates to restrict side access to the discharge area during operation, and the integral holding hopper and hinged cover is fitted with safety features including rotacam safety switches.

As the lump breaker will be used in the size reduction of set lime a medium speed machine was selected. Ajax lump breakers are more efficient in the destructive processes against granular materials, as they combine the effects of dynamic impact, wedging and trapping actions at a rapid rate, in order to fracture the chunks into an acceptable range of particulate fractions, none larger than the grid will pass through. Ajax has optimised the lump breaker's blade profile to provide a low energy efficient performance while maintaining high impact.

Ajax technical director, Eddie McGee, commented on the material "Filter cake and other set materials can be sensitive to the energy input, so care was taken with regards to clearances, dead zones, and profile of the lump breaker's rotor blades. To achieve the desired performance Ajax carried out testing before production and extensive factory acceptance tests during which over a tonne of material was efficiently processed".

"Core to Intersurgical is the belief that high quality and consistency must be achieved in all aspects of our business - even in waste management. With increasingly higher volumes of product being manufactured weekly and the inevitable waste that is generated, a fast and effective method of dealing with it was essential. Ajax's lump breaker has proven to be consistent and reliable with a design that ensures the safety of our staff. Furthermore, even in these early stages of use the lump breaker has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from production." commented Daniel Rakauskas of Intersurgical.

For more information on Ajax’s Lump Breakers, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Lump Breaker page.

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