Intermediate Bulk Containers and IBC inverter stations for temporary storage of powders and bulk solids.

Intermediate Bulk Containers

Ajax Equipment offers three different types of bin in order to meet the varied performance demands dictated by the nature of the bulk solid handled.

Standard Gravity Flow bins for moderate to easy flow materials.
LynflowTM bins, for difficult flow materials
InvertaBins, for total containment and awkward flow products.

These bins are made in mild or stainless steel in a range of capacities and their selection is supported by Ajax powder testing services and the option of custom construction for special or difficult applications. Inserts can be fitted in all of the bin types to mitigate the effects of segregation during filling and discharge, if required.

Standard bins have conical bases and square bodies with radius corners for maximum holding capacity and good clean ability. Contrary to many storage hopper duties, IBC's are completely emptied before refill, so do not require a mass flow design to avoid extended residence time for part of the contents. The bins therefore have a cone angle of 50 Degrees to ensure an optimum balance between good self-clearing and maximum holding capacity.

Lynflow TM bins are designed to exploit the latest advances in bulk technology to secure optimum Flow benefits. The combination of combining mass flow design with 'Sigma Two' relaxation of plane flow provides an outlet equivalent in flow potential to an opening four times the size of a standard conical outlet. The multi-stage construction expands the flow regime to avoid the formation of stable 'rat-holes'.

Invertabins employ one large opening only for both filling and emptying, thereby requiring only one valve on the bin and avoiding any prospect of spillage or leakage during storage or transport. The flat base offers maximum holding capacity and the bin can be filled without ullage as the sloping surfaces are designed to provide efficient discharge characteristics. The process of inverting for discharge upsets any time consolidation that has taken place since filling and loosens the contents for ease of discharge. An inverting station can also function as a mixer.

Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container application.

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