Ajax Supply a Drum Emptying Machine for a Cohesive and Potentially Explosive Material Compacted in Drums.

AJAX Drum Emptying Machines

A customer came to Ajax with a requirement to empty drums containing a compacted moist material of a fibrous nature into several mixing vessels. The customer was in the unsatisfactory position of having to empty the drums manually which was both time consuming and a potential health hazard.

In consultation with the customer it was decided that the best approach would be to apply a corkscrew principle to penetrate and break up the material within the drum via a screw of slightly smaller diameter than the drum which simultaneously rotates and advances. The screw would then withdraw pulling the bulk from the drum.

The machine was designed to receive a vertical drum, tip the drum through 90° by means of a pneumatic jack, and empty the contents of the drum into a sideways chute via a tray. The screw and motor were over-slung to inhibit ingress of product in the traversing mechanism. Safety caging with interlocks was provided to ensure operator safety. The machine was constructed in stainless steel throughout and was mounted in a mobile frame to enable several mixing tanks to be serviced. For this particular application all drives and actuators were pneumatic for safety reasons.

Subsequent drum emptying machines produced by AJAX have handled:

Radioactive Hospital Residue.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
Waste Solvent Based Products.
Food and Beverage Ingredients.

For more information about this machine or if you have a similar application and you require a quotation please contact Simon Fields, tel. (0)1204 386723, fax. (0)1204 363706 or email simon@ajax.co.uk.
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