Big bag discharge stations for effective and reliable emptying of flexible IBCs including discharge aids and integral feeders for controlled feed rates.

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Big Bag Discharge Stations

AJAX EQUIPMENT LIMITED in Bolton recently supplied Fine Organics at Seal Sands, Teesside with a Big Bag Discharge Station and Screw Feeder. The unit handles up to 1 Tonne capacity Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (F.I.B.C.s or Big Bags) containing a herbicide intermediate which is cohesive and poor flowing, and feeds at a rate of 12 TPH

Product tests on site secured measured values of wall friction and shear strength that identified the poor flow potential of the material. These provided a basis of equipment design for screw sizing and inlet geometry to prevent arching, bridging or other flow problems. Practical trials were carried out at Ajax works to confirm performance prior to despatch to Seal Sands where the Big Bag Discharge Station, complete with Screw Feeder, was integrated with a Sack Filling Machine in Fine Organics new Storage and Packing facility.

Detailed attention was given to the equipment's ergonomics for safe and efficient operation. State of the art features of hopper shape and screw geometry were applied to ensure reliable flow of the product despite the limited availability of headroom. Mass Flow principles were adopted with design criteria firmly established from fundamental characterization tests of wall friction and shear strength. This approach ensures the condition of the product delivered to the subsequent sack filling machine has a stable improved density condition for efficient packing.

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