Test equipment to measure particle attrition of powders and bulk solids

AJAX Powder Attrition Tester

The most important powder properties that determine bulk flow characteristics are: -

The machine is equipped for pneumatic loading of the test sample and features a split lower cell housing to impart differential rotational speeds of the housing walls and base via a gearing mechanism. Load cells are incorporated for providing precise loading conditions and torsional force. A graduated slip ring is used to control the angular displacement.

The loading conditions, gripping ring profiles and duration of tests are dependent upon the particle strengths and the failure conditions of interest.

2. Equipment Description

Split Cell Housing

Stainless steel mounted on a thrust bearing support to the geared motor unit. Cell trough depth approx. 22 mm. Attrition Rings

A pair of stainless steel gripping rings, 160 mm o/d. x 120 mm i/d., machined with radial grooves are provided. The grooves are pitched at 2.5 mm and have an included angle of 90o.


A 0.37 kW. inverter driven GMU with an output speed of 1.3 rpm at 50Hz.

Main Frame and Control

Robust mild steel construction, painted standard Ajax grey. General overall dimensions 375 wide x 810 long x 1100 high, incorporating:

A pneumatic loading cylinder, 50 mm Dia., with flow regulator and pressure gauge (4 bar g.).

Maximum vertical load approximately 85 Kg. F

Proximity sensors and target on the cell wall/slip ring are provided for controlling the revolution of the cell.

Two off load cells are provided to establish normal and torsional loading conditions. The controller has digital display of force values. Pneumatic cylinder position and pressure regulation, motor speed control and load cell indicators are all provided in a control cabinet.

Note: Alternative groove width Attrition Rings are available.

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