Twin shaft paddle mixers with spray bars and hinged covers for conditioning recycled salt residue in aluminium processing plants.

Four Ajax Conditioning Mixers for Aluminium Processing Plants.

PED Rated Screw Conveyor PED Rated Discharge Chute
Adding salt to aluminium during the melting process is a common practice. The salt rises to the top of the melting vessel and forms a crust which limits the ingress of oxygen and thus limits oxidisation of the molten metal. The residue salt crust can be recycled but requires a milling process to make it suitable for reuse. The milling process generates a lot of fine particles which can form dust clouds and create a highly corrosive atmosphere. The creation of dust clouds can be suppressed by mixing the milled salt with a liquid. This is a processes known as powder conditioning.

Ajax Equipment has supplied a leading aluminium processing systems developer with four twin screw mixers to condition recycled dry salt. The stainless steel twin screw mixers comprise two with 160mm diameter screws and two with 200mm diameter screws. All four mixers include spray bars allowing water to be added to the dry salt; the mixers also each feature hinged stainless steel covers enabling the machines to be easily inspected.

"A combination of results from trials carried out by Ajax and flow rate data supplied by the customer from using a hired Ajax mixer allowed us to devise the most suitable design to achieve the throughput and conditioning desired," said Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment. Continuing, "The behaviour of the dry salt also led to the development of the mixers’ profile; this minimised the build-up of salt above the sweep of the screw along the sides of the mixer."

For more information on Ajax’s continuous, call +44 (0)1204 386723 or visit our Continuous Mixers page.

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