AJAX supply Coveya Ltd. with a triple screw feeder for extracting a flow resistant material from a hopper.

Ajax Triple Screw Feeder ensures flow for Coveya

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied material transfer specialists, Coveya, with a triple screw feeder and mass flow hopper for powder handling. The design of the screw feeder and hopper address the powder’s properties, which make it resistant to flow without encouragement, ensuring the powder flows well and is evenly distributed onto a belt conveyor alongside another component.

"Ajax were a pleasure to deal with; both the hire and sale went without hitch and they understood and delivered exactly what we required. I would highly recommend their company," said Jason Burrill, sales director, Coveya Ltd.

Commenting, Lewis Shaw, technical sales engineer at Ajax Equipment, said, "When handling bulk solids that are resistant to flow a feeder with multiple screws can help material keep moving. The triple screw feeder supplied provides a large and active extraction area from the hopper, which features two stages of plane flow symmetry to optimise flow performance and holding capacity."

For more information on AJAX's screw feeders please visit our Screw Feeder page or call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723.

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