Ajax adjustable screw feeder for AMP Rose

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Ajax adjustable screw feeder for AMP Rose

Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment, has produced a custom built mobile and adjustable screw feeder for confectionery processing machine supplier AMP Rose. The screw feeder will allow the insertion of sherbet powders in confectionery products, as part of a continuous production process.

The Ajax stainless steel feeder includes an extended circular casing and flighted screw, hopper and paddle agitator. The small diameter screw features enhanced screw geometry, to produce a constant and consistent flow from the hopper. By designing the hopper agitator to provide effective sweep over the screw, constant flow is assured.

Using test results with icing sugar and expertise from previous orders Ajax developed the specifications to provide the performance required. "Ajax's detailed approach to solids handling equipment design ensured the screw feeder produced was highly tailored to the requirements of the process and material." said Andrew Mann, sales director, AMP Rose.

The advantages of Ajax's screw feeder include maintaining the product's 'live' condition through agitation, good stable feed rate capability, a self-adjusting casing position to centre the filling process and a mobile support stand for flexibility in operation of the production line.

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