Intermediate bulk containers or IBC bin systems and IBC inverter stations for Poor Flowing Cohesive Powders.

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Ajax LynFlow Bins

A Complete Solids Handling System

The Background
The LynFlowTM bin system matured from many years of expertise by Ajax in powder technology, solid flow and the design and manufacture of helical screw equipment. Reliable flow and predictable behavior are paramount to the performance of solids handling equipment and Ajax is a leading company in the field of powder testing, hopper design for flow, feeding, and hopper insert techniques to overcome such problems as flow difficulty, flooding and segregation. Based on fundamental concepts of bulk flow stress mechanics, the design of the container and accessories that comprise the backbone of the LynFlowTM bin system incorporates state of the art technology, best practice and many innovative features.

Our Guarantee
We would normally expect to demonstrate the superior flow characteristics of a LynFlowTM bin in our test plant or at your works. In circumstances where this is not practical, and based upon measured flow-related powder properties of a verified sample of the product to be handled, for which the relevant data will be made available, Ajax guarantees the reliable flow performance of LynFlowTM bins under a no-quibble money back offer. You cannot loose.

Standard Bins
Two types of bin are made. A mass flow version and a non-mass flow type, which has arch and rathole-breaking features. The full range of Standard LynFlowTM bins is available in plastic and mild or stainless steel construction, with a selection of finishes. The holding capacities of the standard bins are half or one cubic meter.

A range of Unit Load Bins
Filling and Weighing Stations
Discharging and Feeding Stations
Solids Handling System
Bin Tumbling Stations
Bin Washing Stations

The Accessories

The bins are complete with lids and options of different Outlet Valves, slide or flap type. Adapters are available for focussing the discharge into smaller receiving ports, or diffusing the flow stream for dispersing into bulk receiving containers or dissolving vessels.

The frame of the bin is suitable for handling by fork lift or pallet truck. A Lifting Frame is available for hoist connection.

Filling connections can have Slave Lids and Extendable Chutes, with contact seals to effect dust free transfer, with metal detection or magnetic traps if required, connecting ducts, tip hoppers or from a sack and/or keg unloading station. Simple Slit and Tip hoppers, or Laminar Flow Booths can be supplied, with integral Dust Filters or connections to the plant dust collecting system if required. An empty-sack chute to a Waste-Sack Compactor may also be built into the canopy or attached as a separate Fixture.

Discharging stations range from the provision of support locations or fabricated stands to Vibrated Frames, with or without Screw Feeders as dedication or with dual dump/controlled-feed locations. A Bin Tumbler unit offers the facility to mix or condition the state of the bin contents prior to discharge. Although normal handled by fork lift truck there is an option for a fully automatic bin loading and unloading system, which is compatible with bin handling by means of a standard pallet truck.

An automatic internal Bin Wash Station is equipped with a rotary spray ball and extending tube supply pipe, to penetrate through the bin for complete washing access on an automatic extend and retract wash cycle.

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