Archimedes Who Invented Screw Conveying and Personal Hygiene

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The King of the Screws

Archimedes was a clever bloke
He was always in the news
For jumping naked from his bath
And talking about his 'screws'.

By 'screws' I mean the helical type
That curve around and round
First used for draining holds of ships
and irrigating ground.

When loads were small and labour cheap
Bulk handling wasn't trouble
But as production grew to large amounts
It was too much for a shovel.

For years and years screws were only used
for water elevation.
Till some bright spark first made his mark
on bulk solids applications

First millers tried them in their mills
For wheat, and then ground flour.
As other uses came to hand
They showed their handling power.

Farmer has a go with them,
On grain and cereal crops.
And muck, and waste, and other things
And found they handled 'tops'.

Powder and bulk, in mega tonnes
are screwed in perpetuity.
There's hardly any limit to
The designers ingenuity.

Conveying, elevating, feed control
And bin discharge as well.
And mixing, chopping, heating up,
Too many things to tell.

So now we have these helical screws
Fulfilling all our needs.
He really started something big
That genius Archimedes.

To find what screws can really do
Whatever the task, you have only to ask
The answer you'll find is "O.K".

Lyn Bates

A tribute to a great Greek Engineer

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